Alcohol Catering for Wedding Malaysia

Events are meant to have your guests enjoy the occasion you are celebrating. From the stage designs to the beverage you offer, you need to make sure that everyone will be able to feel the vibe and celebrate with you from start to finish. And the best way to hype your guests and your event is to serve the tailored cocktails and mocktails that would keep the party going! Bar Infusion is a well-known alcohol catering for wedding Malaysia company that provides tailored and exceptional bar services for weddings, brand launches, company events, and more! Whether it is a big wedding or product launch, or a mixer, we have the perfect drinks to serve!
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Best Wedding Alcohol Suppliers Malaysia

The right libation can transform any event into a celebration, which is why having an alcohol catering services is a must. An expert alcohol caterer can craft you a bespoke cocktail and mocktail menus that are crafted and curated from premium spirits and liquors, seasonal fruits, and tantalizing flavors that can delight every guest with just a one sip.

Red Wine


White Wine


Sparkling Wine

Craft Beer



Hyping up a party or keeping it going can be a challenge without great drinks. Although providing food and drinks during meal time is a priority, you need to add a touch of sparkle to liven up the mood of the guests and the party goers. Putting a portable alcohol bar can definitely bring the house down and make everybody feel like they are part of the celebration.

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Bar Infusion is here to provide the guest the ultimate beverage experience with our professional alcohol bar catering services that includes serving tailor-made cocktail drinks and spirits that match your event and suit the tastes of your guests. From serving premium wines to mixing spirits and cocktails, our skilled cocktail artists and sommeliers will definitely serve the finest libation that would elevate the event experience to the next level. So, if you are friend for alcohol catering for weddings near you, Bar Infusion is the one to call.

Bespoke Mobile Alcohol Bar for Events!

Why book Bar Infusion?

As of the trusted alcohol wedding vendors in Malaysia, we go above and beyond to serve our clients and guests. We always aim to provide exceptional beverage experience in every party or events. Our alcohol catering for parties service are customised to suit the preference of our clients, guests, and the theme of the event. We add a touch of refinement to any refreshment and beverage and make sure that the guests will enjoy their drink to the last drop. If you are looking for the best alcohol caterer Malaysia, feel free to call us now!

Curated Cocktail Menus

We offer signature and curated cocktails and mocktails that are aligned with the theme of your event and your party.

Snappy Bartending Service

Trust our skilled and professional bar staff to serve our drinks in a snap. We don’t want your guests to keep waiting for their drink orders!

Professional Bartenders and Cocktail Artists

Our vetted cocktail artists and mixologists are the best in their field and boast years of experience in bartending and cocktail mixing.

Caters to everyone’s beverage preference

We serve a wide-selection of beverage that caters to the taste and preferences of the guests – from wines, cocktail mixes, to non-alcoholic drinks.

Comprehensive coverage

Our services cover every aspect of your move, from packing and loading to transportation and unloading, providing a hassle-free moving experience.

Drinks for All Occasions

We cater to all kinds of events and celebrations – from intimate gatherings, weddings and unions to corporate events such as products launches, company parties, and more!

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